Create a circle of care for your loved ones.

Bring together all the people and resources you need to care for you and your family.

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Making your life that little bit easier with these simple features.

When your child has a paper trail a mile long, it’s easy to lose track of things. That’s why Kindom™ allows you to put every report, every prescription, every doctor’s note, as well as your own observations and reflections in an easily accessible digital storage. So even if you lose it, it’s never lost.

Health Summaries

Ever been asked to provide health information for you or those you care for? Kindom™ automatically creates health and developmental summaries for each of your kin in a meaningful format you can use for clinicians, schools and carers. No more rifling through drawers, or hunting through emails. Kindom™ is like an entire filing cabinet in your pocket.

Shared Calendar

Family life can be complex. Kindom™ keeps things simple by storing every event, reminder, appointment, vaccination and check up, in one easily accessible, digital calendar that keeps everyone on track.

Connections & Shared Care

Is there anyone that helps you to care for your kin? We call them connections. Did you know you can share important information about your kin with them? It makes caring easier.We’ve made sure you can do that whilst keeping full control of what information you share and when.

Schedules & Gentle Reminders

Every child is unique. So when life gets busy, it can make keeping track of their development a unique challenge. Based on information you have gathered, in combination with evidence based recommendations, Kindom™ helps you keep track of your child’s progress, be reassured when they are progressing well, link you to relevant resources if you have concerns and remind you of key wellness events along the way.

Kin Timelines

Want an overall snapshot of everything that has happened to you, your kin or your family over a period of time. Kindom™ provides this as a simple customisable timeline for you to have an instant overview at your fingertips.

KinLife Journal

Need a place to keep private reflections or share milestones and events with those that are close to you? You can use journals to record memorable moments and key events related to you and the people you care about.

Trusted Resources

When it comes to health issues and raising a child, everyone has an opinion. And it can be challenging to find out who to trust. The Kindom™ resource directory helps you sift through and link with validated information across health, education and social services that are relevant to you and your oved ones. Foster strong relationships from day one with in-depth information about relevant resources and your local health providers.

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On the surface, Kindom™ is a mobile and cloud-based hub that empowers parents with a vast collection of advice, resources and tools. But it’s much more than that.

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